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Gaussian process models are routinely used to solve hard machine learning problems. GPs have been applied in a large number of fields to a diverse range of ends, and very many deep theoretical analyses of various properties are available.

Regularization perspectives on support vector machines

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by Ryan Rifkin, Aldebaro Klautau - Journal of Machine Learning Research, Editor: John Shawe-Taylor We consider the problem of multiclass classification. Our main thesis is that a simple “one-vs-all ” scheme is as accurate as any other approach, assuming that the underlying binary classifiers are well-tuned regularized classifiers such.

Aaron Zinman Thesis Defense. People. Judith S. Donath. Research Scientist. Pattie Maes. Professor of Media Technology. as a whole. This thesis contends that socially focused analysis and visualization of archived digital footprints can improve our perception of online strangers.

Ryan Rifkin.

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More Events Event Events. Regularization perspectives on support vector machines provide a way of interpreting support vector machines (SVMs) in the context of other machine learning algorithms.

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SVM algorithms categorize multidimensional data, with. In Defense of One-Vs-All Classification. Ryan Rifkin, Aldebaro Klautau; 5(Jan), Abstract We consider the problem of multiclass classification.

Our main thesis is that a simple "one-vs-all" scheme is as accurate as any other approach, assuming that the underlying binary classifiers are well-tuned regularized classifiers such as support. Sequential minimal optimization (SMO) is an algorithm for solving the quadratic programming (QP) problem that arises during the training of support vector machines.

Aaron Zinman Thesis Defense

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Ryan rifkin thesis
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