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LDPC codes were also shown by Bloch et al.

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Moreover, two models are considered: Error exponents for this problem were derived by Ericson [19] and Hughes and Thomas [20]. Best-effort and save-and-transmit Silas L. In the second part we describe a simple deterministic dynamic wake model, its use for wind farm control, and its extension to the case of yawed wind turbines.

The scenario we study is that of one sender and many receivers, all interested in a common message. Tan Entropy, July We give a characterization of this and related quantities.

Link Achievable rates for Gaussian degraded relay channels with non-vanishing error probabilities Silas L. We propose a robust architecture for multicasting over block fading channels, using rateless erasure codes at the application layer.

Next, we study the problem of multicasting to multiple groups with a multiple antenna transmitter.

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The fourth Researcher in Residence this year the program can accommodate up to seven students depending on the availability of Labs staff was Ashish Khisti, who was returning to the program for a second time. There is a cost ': Moreover, two models are Link [J2] Cut-set bounds for networks with zero-delay nodes Silas L.

Show Context Citation Context We define the secrecy capacity in terms of outage probability and provide a complete characterization of the maximum transmission rate at which the eavesdropper is unable to decode any information.

In the first part of this thesis, we extend the wiretap channel model to the case when there are multiple receivers, each experiencing a time varying fading channel. Link [J14] A tight upper bound on the second-order coding rate of the parallel Gaussian channel with feedback Silas L.

We also show that a simple opportunistic transmission strategy is optimal for the reliable and secure transmission of independent messages in the limit of large number of receivers.

Instead, he was impressed by the freedom that HP researchers have to follow their own intellectual interests. Tuan and Trung Q. The proposed codes in [P2] and [P4] could be used to improve the performance of software defined networks SDN.

Phase transitions of error probabilities for coding over communication networks Silas L.

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The dramatic increase in demand for new capacity and higher performance has been a major issue in the design and deployment of contemporary wireless networks.

Watermarking is a promising solution that can protect the copyright of multimedia data through transcoding. Power and rate allocation schemes for secret communication over fading channels were presented by Gopala et al. Research Summary and Publications Research Summary My research focuses on the fundamental limits of low-latency communications over the Internet.

The issue of imperfect channel state information is also addressed. In all cases capacity is achievable by Wed, Apr 11, Strong converse theorems for multimessage networks with tight cut-set bound Silas L. In each case the randomcoding and sphere-packing exponents coincide at high rates, thereby determining the reliability function of the channel family.

Charles Meneveau, Louis M. It is known that the spatial diversity gains are not significantly high in systems with rich time diversity.

His area of research is focused on understanding and modeling hydrodynamic turbulence, and complexity in fluid mechanics in general.

The fading broadcast channel with confidential messages BCC is investigated, where a source node has common information for two receivers receivers 1 and 2and has confidential information intended only for receiver 1.

After a week of exploring topics with Labs researchers, they select a particular problem to investigate under the direction of one or two Labs staff members. Tan Submitted for possible journal publication, arXiv preprint: The program, now in its third year, offers MIT graduate students an intensive two-week stay at the lab, where they work alongside HP staff researchers.

The solution to this problem motivates us to study a multiuser generalization of the dirty paper coding problem. The students tend to think about these matters long after they come back because they don't view it as just a job. He also focuses on developing methods to share the very large data sets that arise in computational fluid dynamics.

The 2nd-order coding rate directly impacts the aforementioned tradeoff. In this thesis, we first propose robust digital signature methods that have proved to be useful for such types of content authentication.

In addition, I would like to thank Professor Ashish Khisti for chairing the departmental oral examination, and Professor John Sipe for charing the SGS nal oral examination. the thesis, a control strategy, capacity allocation methods, and a simulation model have 3. Chapter 1.

Introduction 4. Contact the department of electrical and computer engineering Learn more about the Educating the Engineer of the Future campaign - campaign fundraising priorities, celebrating student, faculty and alumni success, plus ways to support.

streaming system. SPPM is designed to achieve low-latency and robust streaming by constructing an overlay of multiple complementary trees and dynamically rearranging the position of peers by Active Overlay Management in a distributed fashion. We also propose a distributed uplink bandwidth allocation scheme to alleviate peer-wise connection.

Supervisor: Professor Ashish Khisti My research was on error-correction code for real-time multimedia streaming. - I proved information theoretic bounds on channel capacity for low-delay streaming over networks, and developed optimal codes for this PhD Candidate, Operations.

Ashish Khisti. MathSciNet.

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Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dissertation: Algorithms and Architectures for Multiuser, Multiterminal, The Mathematics Genealogy Project is in need of funds to help pay for student help and other associated costs. Yongpeng Wu, Ashish Khisti, Chengshan Xiao, Giuseppe Caire, Kai-Kit Wong, and Xiqi Gao.

“A Survey of Physical Layer Security Techniques for 5G Wireless Networks and Challenges Ahead.” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, to appear,

Ashish khisti thesis
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